Who We Are

Catholic Medical Center BuildingThe purpose of the Emergency Management Disaster Preparedness team is to provide the hospital and the community with an effective and efficient emergency management operation which, when applied, will provide the levels of readiness, protection and care needed for citizens of the community. To accomplish this, the hospital conducts a hazard vulnerability analysis to identify potential emergencies that could affect the need for its services or its ability to provide those services.

The CMC Emergency Management Team has established the following with the community:

  • Priorities among the potential emergencies identified in the hazard vulnerability analysis
  • The hospital’s role in relation to a community wide emergency management program
  • An “all-hazards” command structure within the hospital that links with the community’s command structure

Catholic Medical Center understands the importance of emergency preparedness and works to constantly improve its plan and course of action in order to serve the greater Manchester community in the case of emergency.


Catholic Medical Center Helipad Lu Mulla, RN, VP Operations Emergency Department
William Goodman, MD, CMO
Jack Anderson, Director OR
Bob Duhaime, RN, Senior VP Clinical Operations
Peggy Lambert, RN, Executive Director Critical Care
Merryll Rosenfeld, VP Human Resources
Nicole Pendenza, RN, Director, RN Administrators
Lawrence Frank, Finance, Controller
Kimberly Ohman, MD, Emergency Services
Mark Yerrick, General Manager, Facilities Management
Mike Cloutier, Director, Technical Services
John Patti, Director, Security
Tom Fairfield,  Director, Technical Services
Scott Watkins, Director, HR
Georgelynn Wizner, Director, Social Work/Case Management
Paul Blais, Director, Respiratory Care
Collette Comtois, Director, Telecommunications
Kevin Drew, Director, Emergency Services
Crystal Fredricksen, RN,  Practice Manager

Steve Freeman, Property Manager



City of Manchester Department of Health
State Department of Health and Human Services
Manchester Police Department
Manchester Fire Department